BLACK SITE is the story of REN REID, orphaned as a child when a member of an ancient race known as THE ELDER GODS killed her parents. Twenty years have passed and a fractured Ren now works for the covert group ARTEMIS, an organization set up to capture, contain and deport these ELDER GODS back to the dimension that they came from.

When the ELDER GOD responsible for Ren’s childhood tragedy, Erobos, is caught and brought to the BLACK SITE for deportation, Ren must partner with an unlikely ally, Sam, as the last line of defence against a wave of zealots, worshippers of the ELDER GODS, hell bent on releasing their deity back into the world.

With the entire facility on lockdown and heavily outnumbered, Ren has just hours to avenge her parents and prove that she is worthy of wearing the ARTEMIS uniform